About Me

Awkward, clumsy and just a tad ridiculous – Hi, Christina Guan here, at your service.

If you’ve made it this far, then it’s too late to run now you might be interested to know a little more about me. Well, I’m the Vancouver-based scribbler behind Happy to Wander, and I am absolutely obsessed with travelling the world. I should warn you off the bat though – I’m not your typical travel blogger.

Happy to Wander is a travel blog where you can get advice like you would expect from a friend, filled with honesty, humour and no-fluff advice that comes from personal experience. 

If you’re looking for a fierce adventure girl who jumps out of planes and sleeps by volcanos, I’m afraid I’ll be very much a disappointment to you. Here’s the truth: I adore travelling the world, but I equally adore eating ice cream by the bucket or watching videos of dogs take baths (an oddly soothing pastime).

With all the social media pressure out there to be perfect, I’d like to very publicly announce my normalness. By all accounts guys, I’m super average. I’m not a fearless adrenaline junkie, I’m not a flawless IG fashionista and I’m not a hip cultural connoisseur…

I’m Christina Guan – the girl who gets pickpocketed in Rome, lured into a German gothic horror bar and misses the plane for her dream trip. I’m terribly normal and I want to keep it that way. If you’re looking for inspiration from superhuman travellers who literally glitter with awesomeness, there’s tons of great ones out there… but this site won’t be one. While I’ll share my own travel stories and pretty photos on this site, at the end of the day, I want to to be relatable and above all else, keep things real.

At the end of the day, my goal is to inspire you, make you laugh and help you make all your travel dreams come true… does that sound good?

My travel story

It’s a bit odd that, as a tiny angelic infant, my journey of world travel began in Sin City.

Before I could even walk, my parents whisked me away on my first international trip: a long drive from the comforts of Canada down to Las Vegas, Nevada. And while I’m too young to remember all the martinis and exotic dancers (I’m joking I think), this was my very first taste of world travel.

I travelled a bit more as a kid after that – mostly to the classic spots like Disneyland (and once even braving an Asian bus tour, but I’ll save that tale for another day). Really though, my (slightly scary) obsession with travel began with my 1st backpacking trip in the summer of 2014. After 6 weeks exploring places I’d only ever dreamt of or seen in movies, I was hooked. The constant wanderlust began then, and it’s taken hold of my life ever since. I launched my first travel blog in late 2014, which eventually helped me convince a European river cruise company to hire me as photographer and blogger for the summer. Through that, I visited 14 countries in Europe and Southeast Asia (crazy right?!). Two weeks after that ended, I moved to Germany for a year with no life skills and no knowledge of German. Living in Europe, I got the opportunity to backpack through Scandinavia, travel solo to Istanbul, drive across Iceland, surf in England and even ride camels in Morocco. I’m back in Vancouver now for a breather, but who knows where this crazy world will take me?

This story is to be continued...

but be sure to follow along on Instagram to see what happens next 😉