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30 Travel Packing Hacks & Tips for Europe (That Will Change the Way You Pack!)

If packing makes you want to set your hair on fire, this article’s for you because today I’m sharing all my best tips for packing to make sure you have the most stress-free experience possible, especially if you’ll be travelling to Europe.  As someone who has been travelling and living in Europe for the past […]

A Local’s Guide to 40+ Wonderful Things to Do in Vancouver, BC

Wondering what to do in Vancouver? I have to admit something – I am a very annoying person when it comes to talking about my hometown. The reason is simple: I love Vancouver a scary amount, and if you ask me about it, I will literally frantically shout suggestions at you for as long as […]

A Delightful Guide to Colmar’s Christmas Market, the Disneyland of Yuletide Joy

If I had to pick an easy way to describe the sheer delight of Colmar’s Christmas Market scene, I’d say it’s pretty much the Disneyland of Christmas markets. I mean… really. Everything in Colmar feels a bit cuter, a bit more magical, and bit like singing blue birds will emerge at any moment to assist […]

A Guide to Obernai Christmas Market, a Magical Alsatian Gem

Bursting with cuteness in spades, the delightful little city of Obernai is a sorely underrated gem in the Alsace region of France, with, as I learned, one of the quaintest Christmas markets in the region. I mean… as the first stop of our Christmas road trip around the Alsace, the best way to describe our […]

Christmas in Strasbourg: A Guide to Markets, Lights & Calories in France’s Christmas Capital

When it comes to Yuletide street cred, few events in the world hold a candle to Strasbourg Christmas Market, a place so magical, it’s known as “the capital of Christmas”. … In fact, it’s a title so official, you see it emblazoned in glittery lights upon arrival to the city. But while that’s one wildly […]

The Best Christmas Markets in Alsace: An Enchanting & Festive Bucket List!

One quick peek at the Christmas markets of Alsace, France, and you might be convinced that fairytales really do exist. And I don’t mean modern fairytales like a bad Hallmark movie or whatever Netflix is spewing out these days… I mean straight-up Disney wizardry, like “wow Belle is really gonna come around the corner any […]

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