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A Local’s Guide to 40+ Wonderful Things to Do in Vancouver, BC

Wondering what to do in Vancouver? I have to admit something – I am a very annoying person when it comes to talking about my hometown. The reason is simple: I love Vancouver a scary amount, and if you ask me about it, I will literally frantically shout suggestions at you for as long as […]

A Delightful Guide to Colmar’s Christmas Market, the Disneyland of Yuletide Joy

If I had to pick an easy way to describe the sheer delight of Colmar’s Christmas Market scene, I’d say it’s pretty much the Disneyland of Christmas markets. I mean… really. Everything in Colmar feels a bit cuter, a bit more magical, and bit like singing blue birds will emerge at any moment to assist […]

A Guide to Obernai Christmas Market, a Magical Alsatian Gem

Bursting with cuteness in spades, the delightful little city of Obernai is a sorely underrated gem in the Alsace region of France, with, as I learned, one of the quaintest Christmas markets in the region. I mean… as the first stop of our Christmas road trip around the Alsace, the best way to describe our […]

Christmas in Strasbourg: A Guide to Markets, Lights & Calories in France’s Christmas Capital

When it comes to Yuletide street cred, few events in the world hold a candle to Strasbourg Christmas Market, a place so magical, it’s known as “the capital of Christmas”. … In fact, it’s a title so official, you see it emblazoned in glittery lights upon arrival to the city. But while that’s one wildly […]

The Best Christmas Markets in Alsace: An Enchanting & Festive Bucket List!

One quick peek at the Christmas markets of Alsace, France, and you might be convinced that fairytales really do exist. And I don’t mean modern fairytales like a bad Hallmark movie or whatever Netflix is spewing out these days… I mean straight-up Disney wizardry, like “wow Belle is really gonna come around the corner any […]

Christmas in Paris: What to Do, Where to Go & More!

As a rabid fangirl for all things Parisian, it was only a matter of time before I celebrated Christmas in Paris and let me tell you… Ahhhhh! Honestly, I’m still reeling from my chocolate/wine/cheese high. Also, I’m quite certain I’m pregnant with pastries.  But caloric mischief aside, I do think these are all signs of […]

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