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An absolutely stunning list of places to visit in France (besides Paris). An amazing list full of cute towns, amazing nature and places in France you never even knew existed!

Incredible destinations in France for your bucket list (besides Paris)


Alsace: France's Real Life Fairytale

Excerpts from my travel diary

Happy to Wander Update: February to April 2018

Sooo, monthly updates still count when they’re 6 months apart right? Hi guys! *awkward wave* It’s Christina, here to claim the title of “actual worst”. Around this time last year, I vowed to write a monthly travel update for you all, and dutifully, no matter how painful, I kept it up. But then (as they usually […]

Happy to Wander Update: October 2017

We all have that one ridiculous friend that is fifty shades of pumpkin by the time Autumn arrives. *awkward wave* Hi, Christina here, and I’m that friend. Honestly though, October is always a sure recipe for joy in my books, between the chance to throw my boots into crunchy leaves and burrito myself into layers of […]

Happy to Wander Update: September 2017

Sometimes when I think about the past month, my head spins a little. Part of it might be due to the weeks spent at Oktoberfest, sipping elegantly (lol jk – chugging) on beers the size of my torso. But also, it was a crazy month packed with a lot of life changes. There were exciting […]

Happy to Wander Update: August 2017

Hello my name is Jetlagged, and I am very Christina. … wait. I think I mixed that up. *trembles while sipping 10th coffee* It goes without saying: August was a ridiculous whirlwind, and I am now one very tired coffee bean. 3 continents, 1 transatlantic move, starting a new business and lots of awkward dancing […]

Happy to Wander Update: July 2017

What can I say? Miracles do happen. Every once in a blue moon, something truly extraordinary graces the planet with its rarity, an unexpected anomaly disrupting the fabric of existence itself. Today marks that moment… because Christina’s monthly update is actually on time, and finally for a single month, rather than two. Please be wary […]

Happy to Wander Update: May and June 2017

When the other day, I had the epiphany that we’re over halfway into 2017, I might have peed a little. Here’s the thing – I don’t deal well with time passing. It makes me feel old and weirdly vulnerable. I mean, despite my “early 20s status”, there are some days when I feel ready to […]

A heartwarming story about family, travel and the Canadian Rockies. Here's the story of how one travel blogger surprised her parents with a getaway at their dream hotel (the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise) for Father's Day.

Surprising my Dad with his Dream Hotel for Father’s Day

Last week, I surprised my parents with a gift I’ve promised them since I was 9 years old. Don’t feel like reading? Watch the video (and amazing reactions) here:  Fact: every kid dreams of making their parents proud. Especially when you grow up as a 2nd generation Canadian, (the child of immigrants), there’s an ever-lingering […]

Happy to Wander Update: March and April 2017

Apparently I do monthly updates now! I know this is pretty random, but the past few months have been packed with existential crises, the most recent of which made me realize my blog has been severely missing a personal touch. While I LOVE writing guides and photo diaries, sometimes it’s nice to remind you that […]

Inside Popeye Village: Malta’s Most Surprising Attraction

Often when I travel, what I crave more than anything else is a good, unexpected surprise. After all, there’s nothing more thrilling than peeling back the layers of a new destination, thinking you ‘get it’ then bam, being thrown a curveball that leaves your head spinning. And just when I thought I had wrapped my […]

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Kukucampers Van in Iceland


Universal Studios Hollywood guide for couples! Eager for tips on visiting Universal Studios without kids? This guide will show you how to turn your trip into a romantic getaway for the ages.

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19 Gorgeous Travel-Inspired DIY Projects

Obsessed with this awesome list of travel-inspired prints from Etsy! From minimalist to artsy, there's something gorgeous to match whatever kind of decor you have in your home.

16 Ridiculously Beautiful Travel Prints from Etsy

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Chihuly Garden and Glass by Christina Guan
Neuschwanstein castle winter
Lucerne, Switzerland

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