4 Must-Try Food Experiences in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is well known around the world as a city of indulgences, and while vices can take a variety of forms in this lively Dutch capital, my chosen vice is a simple one: food. 

Luckily for me, beyond Amsterdam’s vibrant cultural scene and of course, buzzing nightlife, it also happens to be a haven for foodies, whether the craving is for classic Dutch cuisine or bites with more international flair.

As a strong advocate in learning cultures through their food, here are some must-try food experiences for your next Amsterdam trip. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Awesome food experiences that every foodie should try when they're visiting Amsterdam!
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1. High Wine at the Dylan

The concept of high wine is simple: take four courses of Michelin-quality appetizers, pair it with four different wines and combine them to create a uniquely classy gastronomic experience.

Think of it as an alcoholic spin on High Tea, set in the cozy confines of a five star hotel.

The masterminds behind this concept are the folks at the Dylan Amsterdam, a boutique luxury hotel located in the heart of the city, and I was lucky enough to be invited to test this experience out.

The menu changes seasonally, but consists of fresh and unique flavour combinations chosen by Dennis Kuipers, Executive Chef of the hotel’s Michelin-star restaurant.

During my visit, we feasted on savoury bites like smoked salmon, cod, roasted chicken with tarragon sauce and even a berry cake topped with fresh cinnamon ice cream.

The flavours were sublime, and definitely one of the foodie highlights of my trip.

Smoked salmon with marinated daikon, cucumber and sesame (topped with a Tzatziki ice cream)
High wine treats: Smoked salmon with marinated daikon, cucumber and sesame (topped with a Tzatziki ice cream)

2. Eating Amsterdam Tours

The folks at Eating Amsterdam Tours believe in creating unique experiences for visitors through real food, people and neighborhoods, and I was so thrilled to be welcomed as their guest for a tour.

From crispy gravy-filled croquettes to a mouthwatering assortment of cheese and champagne, food tour guests are treated to course after course of Dutch and International favourites. 

The delicious eats are of course, interwoven with interesting stories about the city’s history and stops in a variety of shops and cafes, where guests uncover a less touristy side of Amsterdam.

I’ve always believed in absorbing culture through my taste buds, and Eating Amsterdam Tours treats guests to that experience and more, taking them into more off-the-beaten path neighborhoods to engage with local merchants and shopkeepers.

Eating Amsterdam Food Tour-3643

If you’re looking for a fun and unique food experience in Amsterdam, this is it.

3. Fresh stroopwafels

If you haven’t yet tried a stroopwafel, I argue that you, my friend, have not yet lived. 

These heavenly treats originate from the city of Gouda, and consist of a caramelly syrup filling, sandwiched between two thin waffles.

The result is a chewy, delicious and rich cookie-waffle hybrid that is genuinely one of the tastiest desserts on earth. I’ve never met anyone who’s disliked these.

They’re that good. These gems are great pre-packaged, but you can’t beat the warm gooiness of a fresh one.

Stroopwafel, Amsterdam
Pure happiness.

4. Cheese tasting

Dutch cheese has always had a special place in my heart because it was the first type of cheese I ever actually liked. As a kid, the smell of cheese alone would send me running and I vowed I’d never buy into the incessant cheese hype around me. 

That all changed one magical day in the outskirts of Amsterdam. I was 15, on my first Europe trip, and touring a cheese farm whose smoked gouda sent me on a downwards spiral of genuine cheese addiction.

SO, in sum, Dutch cheese is where it’s at, guys.

That’s why a visit to Amsterdam would not be complete without a stop (or ten) in the city’s many cheese shops, which offer endless samples (many of which you can slice for yourself, meaning all the cheese you want!) Be strong my friends, and resist the urge to spend all your money.

Cheese shop Amsterdam
Cheese…. eat it all!!!

BONUS: Herring

Ah, last but not least, I’m including herring as a bonus because I personally haven’t tried it. My first (and last) experience with pickled herring happened in Helsinki, and the slimy texture still haunts me to this day.

For the braver hearts out there though, there’s no treat more authentically Dutch than fresh herring, a beloved treat of the locals.

You’ll see these herring stalls everywhere throughout the city, often accompanied by a line of hungry Dutch folks yearning for their fix.

If you’re feeling especially daring, try eating it in the traditional Dutch way: holding the herring by its tail and sliding it into your mouth.

Eating Amsterdam Food Tour-3670

Did I miss any of your favourite Amsterdam foodie experiences?

So, over to you! Which of these would you most want to try? And did I miss any of your Amsterdam favourites?

Both the Dylan Amsterdam and Eating Amsterdam Tours provided their food experiences free of charge for the purpose of review, but as always, opinions are my own.

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17 thoughts on “4 Must-Try Food Experiences in Amsterdam”

    • They are my absolute favourite. Even reading your comment has given me a craving for them hahah 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Fatima!

  1. Thank you for this. I am going to move to Rotterdam for a while in 2 months. So when I will go to Amsterdam, I will check it out 🙂

    • awesome! I was just in Rotterdam last month. Beautiful city, and so close to Amsterdam too 🙂 Hope you have a great time eating your way through both cities.

  2. I used to frequently stop by one restaurant to eat Stroopwafels every day while I was in Amsterdam. I love the list of food you have compiled here. Worth trying them all.

    • haha stroopwafels are irresistible. I buy them often from the grocery store here in Munich. Not quite the same as the fresh ones but they’ll do until I get back to the Netherlands! 🙂

  3. The stroopwafels look amazing, and I love caramel; it actually reminded me of the French waffle cookies we enjoyed so much while traveling in France recently. I think I’ll pass on the herring samples, however!

    • WHAT! I had no idea there were French equivalents. Gotta find some for myself the next time I’m in France 🙂

  4. There is also a FREE food tour in Amsterdam! I loved being on this walking tour. Not only we walked through stores/ restaurants to sample things but the tour guide also brought some of his personal treats to share with us too. It was such a unique experience and would definetely recommend others to do so!


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