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Brussels can be an amazing city if done properly! Be sure to avoid these crucial mistakes to ensure you have the best visit.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Brussels

I have to admit: I screwed up big time when I went to Brussels. Let me start this post with a simple disclaimer though. The first time I visited this sugary Waffleland, I was no more than a beginner backpacker midway through her first long ter...
Drool. This post has the BEST list of delicious brunch places to visit when you're in Montreal. Don't miss these on your next visit to Quebec!

Must-Try Brunch Spots in Montréal

Pin for later! Ohhh, Montréal. There are some cities in this world that leave a lasting impression on you... and this foodie paradise is at the top of my nostalgia list. Why? Well it's simple. It was in this beautiful Canadian city that I was i...