FRIDAY ROUNDUP: Wonderfully Weird Ways to Hide Your Money When You Travel

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Check out these genius ways to hide your money when you travel! #traveltips #travelHands up if you enjoy getting robbed.



Jim in the back? 

……. that’s what I thought.

Having been in the unfortunate position of getting my wallet lifted in Rome and Lisbon, I have these days become the human embodiment of paranoia, keeping my hand on my bag at all times, putting locks on when needed and never trusting a single soul. Sorry, guys, these are my moneys we’re talking about.

So imagine my joy – nay, my ecstatic squeals of bliss, when I discovered that there is an entire niche product range out there of things you can buy that disguise your money when you travel (and also when you’re at home, I guess).

I’ve literally just spent 20 minutes pouring through Amazon, laughing, giggling and snorting my way through all of these so-called “diversion safes”. I would now like to show you my favourites – ideal for concealing valuables on the road or to thwart cunning home invaders. (FYI, I know some of them are ridiculous. Just have fun with it haha)

This post is part of my Friday Roundup, where I dish out weekly on my favourite quirky online products and finds. You can stalk the rest of the posts here.

1. This stealthy hairbrush

I know your hair already looks like a million bucks, so why not get an equally valuable hairbrush, fully loaded with an anti-smell bag and a 30 rolled bill capacity?

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2. This spray scent that will protect you from att-Axe 😉

Gosh, even looking at this photo gives me PTSD of my old high school days, when boys would relentlessly drown themselves in Axe to become good-looking. Unfortunately, it never worked, but this diversion safe certainly would! Unless your thief is a 14 year old pre-teen with no sense of smell… in which case, I’m sorry.

Click here to check reviews and prices.

3. This devious little deodorant

I don’t think any thief in existence has attempted to steal a stick of used deodorant, so I think you’d be *safe* with this one.

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4. This can of Pringles

An absolutely brilliant use of a Pringles can, though if I were a thief I would definitely still take this.

And also, can I just say – in this “if I were a thief” scenario, I’d be pretty disappointed that the can was full of cash and not Pringles. Unless that cash is BBQ flavoured?

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5. This spam that you’ll actually want

I just love how this photo looks like the spam can is puking out cash. I just wish that’s what spam cans did.

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6. This dew-tiful soda

This bad boy may not quench your thirst with a mysteriously radioactive liquid, but what it will Mountain DO is keep your cash safe.

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7. This sneaky chapstick

I chose this one simply the photo looks like someone is smuggling Viagra around in their chapstick. Does anyone else see it?

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8. This double-duty dictionary

Last but not least, this final diversion safe is shaped like a dictionary, but ALSO has a lock on it, so… if your thief does happen to figure out it’s a safe, you’re still covered. I love it. Paranoia to the MAX.

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