The Best Vernazza Hotels: A Vernazza Accommodation Guide for Every Budget!

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Trying to find the best place to stay in Vernazza? Read on for a roundup of the best Vernazza hotels, along with Vernazza accommodation options for every budget.

The glittering blue waters of Vernazza, Italy are perhaps one of the most iconic and recognizable sights of the entire Cinque Terre.

This lovely car-free town, with a single main street lined with delicious cafes and restaurants, is a great base for those looking to spend some time in the Cinque Terre. Thanks to its compact size, and splendid, easy reach to views at any given moment, this is one of my favourite towns to relax and enjoy a gelato in the sunshine (though honestly, that’s not ever a bad idea anywhere).

But the challenging thing about this small size is finding a good place to stay in Vernazza! All the highest quality Vernazza accommodation options (like the rest of the Cinque Terre) book out quickly, and since the town is so small, traditional hotels aren’t exactly in abundance. Don’t worry though, this article will walk you through some of the best options on places to stay in Vernazza, suitable for every kind of budget.

NOTE: While I of course haven’t stayed at all these places (I wish!!), they’ve all been heavily researched and vetted by my team for crucial factors like high ratings (none of the options below have less than an 8/10 on!), location (none of them are too far away from the action), and cleanliness (based on analyzing reviews across multiple platforms). I hope this guide will help you narrow down the best Vernazza accommodation for your trip!


A Quick Note on Vernazza Accommodation

If you’re on the hunt for a conventional hotel with a 24/7 manned lobby, a big swishy pool and a fitness center to squat in, you might have trouble finding that in Vernazza. These kinds of hotels are uncommon in the Cinque Terre, and I would argue they’re not the best place to base yourself anyway.

Instead, look out for Affittacamere. You will see these everywhere. They are basically extra rooms in apartments/buildings that locals rent out as an additional income stream. These are far more common than regular hotels, and probably your best option.

On that note though, realize that most Vernazza accommodation (particularly Affittacamere) will feel more like AirBNBs rather than actual hotels, so if you’re used to more modern/luxurious hotels with a lot of amenities when you travel, the options in Vernazza might seem more dated than what you’re used to. Don’t worry though, if you play your cards right, you’ll be out all day exploring rather than spending time in your room anyway!

PS: Apartments of all kinds tend to book up in Vernazza and the Cinque Terre very very far in advance, certainly in peak season. So, I highly recommend you reserve a room as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. I’d look on AirBNB first as prices tend to be cheaper – click here to check!

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1. The best bang for your buck in Vernazza

Recommendation: Vintage Apartment

If it’s a spacious and homey option you’re after, all within a stone’s throw of the main street and train station, then look into Vintage Apartment, a lovely 50m2 square apartment in the center of Vernazza. This space can host up to five people and has all the modern amenities you need (like AC and WiFi), and then some, including a kitchen with microwave, a full living room, an oven and a washing machine. If you’re looking for a clean, modern and spacious option, all with the possibility of self-catering, then this is a great value in Vernazza.

Click here to check reviews and availability


2. The best Vernazza accommodation for a luxurious getaway

Recommendation: Mada Charm Apartment Jacuzzi

Wanna splurge a little bit in Vernazza? As I mentioned earlier, ultra-modern and amenity-filled accommodation is tough to come by in this town, but Mada Charm Apartment Jacuzzi is a wonderful exception. T

his luxurious apartment offers a nice view of the sea, a terrace where you can relax (preferably with a glass of wine), and most importantly: a spa bath tub which is for unwinding after a long day of exploration… bath robes and free toiletries included! Reviewers can’t stop raving about the amazing view from this place, and while it’s located a bit higher up in the city, they offer a porter service for only 4 euros which means you won’t need to lug your bags all the way up.

Click here to check reviews and availability


3. For the cheapest place to crash in Vernazza

Recommendation: Affittacamere Elisabetta

If you’re traveling on a budget, unfortunately there are no hostels in Vernazza, BUT it’s still possible to find cheap places to stay.

Affittacamere Elisabetta for instance is a nice affordable guesthouse located in the center of Vernazza, a few minutes away from the beach, and not far from the train station. This guesthouse offers a terrace on the roof with an epic 360 degrees view of the town/sea, and not just that – a terrace in the rooms as well! Considering this and all the amenities like a fridge, kettle with tea/coffee and private bathroom, you get excellent value for money.

Click here to check reviews and availability


4. For Vernazza accommodation that’s cheap and central

Recommendation: Via Mazzini

Looking for a nice place that’s not too pricey but still in the heart of all the action? Then Via Mazzini sounds like the perfect choice for you!

This adorable guesthouse is located in the heart of Vernazza, with soundproofed rooms, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, an electric kettle and a private bathroom with a bathtub, bidet and hairdryer! Guests rave about the spaciousness of the rooms (a rarity in the Cinque Terre) and also about the cleanliness and comfort of the beds. All this for a relatively low price makes this Vernazza hotel one of the best value accommodations in Vernazza.

Click here to check reviews and availability


5. For cozy vibes with an amazing sea view in Vernazza

Recommendation: Francamaria Sea View Suites

The decor at Francamaria Sea View Suites is a bit eccentric, with bright florals and colours decking all the rooms, as if someone’s Nonna really went wild in here! BUT, if you don’t mind a bit of kitsch, the views here are spectacular and some of the best in town. Besides offering all the usual amenities like free WiFi and a flat-screen TV, every room also gets a nice seating area, a fridge, a kettle for tea/coffee and the benefit of being in the heart of the action, even from the comfort of your own room. If you don’t mind a little noise, you’re treated with the crashing sounds of the sea just out your window.

Click here to check reviews and availability


6. Vernazza accommodation for your romantic escape

Recommendation: Cadè Ventu

Looking for a private and more romantic experience in the Vernazza area?

Finding privacy is a bit tough in a town as tiny and compact as Vernazza, BUT perched on a hill between Corniglia and Vernazza, you’ll find Cadè Ventu, a guesthouse with a romantic atmosphere and even free parking if you arrive by car! While it’s far from the actual city center of Vernazza, this is the perfect place for a secluded romantic escape, with sweeping balcony views of THREE Cinque Terre villages, plus on-site dining options so you have everything you need at your fingertips. Have we mentioned the sunset views? Absolutely swoonwrothy.

Click here to check reviews and availability


7. For family-friendly accommodation in Vernazza

Recommendation: The Terrace

If you’re looking for a spacious apartment with the most frolickable terrace in town, then (of course) The Terrace is a perfect choice for you! This family-friendly guesthouse is one of the few Vernazza accommodation options in town to offer concierge service, along with a 40m2 family suite with a giant balcony, free WiFi and of course, a kitchen for all your needs.

With 2 twin beds and a queen, this is an ideal Vernazza accommodation option for those travelling with a small family! Plus, have we mentioned the terrace has sun chairs?

Click here to check reviews and availability


8. For outstanding hospitality and coziness in Vernazza

Recommendation: Casa Vacanze Zia Maria

Casa Vacanze Zia Maria is a cutely decorated apartment in the heart of Vernazza, only a few minutes away from the beach and from the train station. This 40m2 studio is a spacious choice, with a kitchen, living area, king bed and sofa bed, all available for an affordable price. The highlight of this property though is the owners, who own a cafe down the street and are available to spill the beans on all the local secrets!

Click here to check reviews and availability


Looking for other Vernazza accommodation options?

If the above apartments are booked out already, then feel free to use the interactive map below to search available Vernazza hotel/apartment options for your travel dates:

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