6 Wonderfully Extra Travel Accessories You Can’t Resist (for Under $100)

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These hilarious travel accessories are both unnecessary and absurd... but that won't stop you from wanting them. Check out this insane roundup of hilarious travel accessories you'll low-key want. #travel #packingSome days, I really love the Internet.

Today is one of those days.

As you long-time readers will know, I am a hopelessly extra individual. If there is an opportunity to do unnecessary yet spectacular things, I’ll be the first in line. Today, I’d like to present to you a set of super ridiculously unnecessary travel accessories that you’ll low-key want to buy for yourself. I hope you’re ready for a foray into the genuinely baffling and unnecessary.

Here are some seriously extra travel accessories you won’t be able to resist.

1. The Ostrich Pillow

I know it looks like a boxing glove, but that thing is supposed to go on your head. Please, do yourself a favour and click here to see photos of the pillow in action because you will not stop laughing. This pillow was designed to give you an immersive nap experience, perfect for if you want to look like a seriously immersive fool.

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2. The Cooling Hat

Is that a fan built into your cap sir? Why yes, yes it is.

Okay, it looks crazy, but admit it: there has been a time during your travel career that you’ve wished something like this existed. Escape the sweltering heat with a self-cooling hat that is powered by the sun itself no less. Pretty poetic, isn’t it?

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3. Flip flops that leave sand messages

“FOLLOW ME” says one foot, “BRING WINE” says the other. These genius flip flops are designed to leave fun messages in the sand as you walk.

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4. This hoodie with a built in pillow

Wow, as a female, I’ve long struggled with finding practical clothes with ACTUAL POCKETS instead of fake ones or shallow ones that hold literally nothing. Somehow, I’ve managed to stumble upon this hoodie which is located on the far other end of this spectrum, with so many extra pockets you will literally get lost, plus a built-in pillow for those supremely lazy days.

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5. The Flatulence Absorbing Cushion

No, I can’t believe this exists either. It’s an actual fart pillow. Guys! And apparently it works?! The reviews on Amazon are all really positive. Could be ideal for those long road trips where one’s diet is purely canned beans. What do you think?

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6. The Portable Sauna

I’m sorry. I know it’s absurd. I just wanted a reason to include the photo below. Can you blame me?

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