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Looking for a full list of dates for Berlin Christmas Market in 2019? Keep on scrolling! This organized list will help you plan your trip stress-free.

As my love for Christmas is so well documented (read: plastered) across this entire blog, I’m sure it surprises nobody that, two months away, I am already HYPED for unadulterated Yuletide funz.

It should also surprise nobody that it has become an annual tradition of mine to plan a few Christmas market trips each year. Last year for instance, I took my sugar highs over to Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. The year before, I breezed my way through all the best Swissmass markets in Switzerland. This year, I have my sights set on Berlin, known for their terrifying Christmas market quantity (70+!) and variety (vegan, doggo, and Danish among others).

I hit a snag with my planning though. Given the many Christmas markets that exist in Berlin, the question of “when do Berlin Christmas markets open” is really a question that needs to be asked 70+ times for every individual market.

The first markets open on Nov 15, and the last market closes on Jan 12, but there is zero consistency.

… Not exactly the best news for planny people like me, who want to map out their Christmas market hit lists in advance.

SO, I did what any ~*normal person*~ would do…. I creeped through the Internet, found all the Berlin Christmas market dates I could get my hands on, and organized them neatly in a table, both for my own planning purposes, and to pass onto you… you know, in an attempt to disguise my neuroticism as dedication to content.

… Is it working? Do you feel like I’m just doing this to help my readers?

ANYWAY, Berlin Christmas market dates. Let’s talk about them! This post will give you a mega-organized overview of Berlin Christmas Market opening dates for 2019. Again, I must emphasize that I have not yet been to any of these markets yet, so this won’t be a detailed review with recommendations (that’ll come later) – this is simply a post to give you the quick and dirty info you need about when Berlin Christmas markets open, which ones are open when, etc.

So, here we go!

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A Few Important Things to Note About Berlin Christmas Market Dates

Having lived in Germany for four years, I’ve learned the hard way that opening dates aren’t always as they seem, so here are a few quick things to note about the following dates:

Note that some markets have exceptional closure dates

While you’ll see that most dates for these Berlin Christmas markets are given as date ranges, there are still certain days when you can expect the market to be completely closed.

Totensonntag, AKA the Sunday of the Dead for example (this year Nov 24) is usually a silent holiday during which markets are closed. This got me on one of my trips last year, and the entire city was silent! Most Berlin Christmas markets seem to open after this date, but just be mindful of it in your planning.

Likewise, many Christmas markets close on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, or have special hours on those days, so keep that in mind as well.

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Many Berlin Christmas markets are open only on weekends

Sometimes Christmas markets will offer a date range that they’re open, and hide somewhere in the details that they’re actually JUST open for weekends during this period.

It’s a bit annoying, but more a design flaw of their websites than anything else, so be sure to double check the opening days of the Christmas markets you’re interested in and verify that they ARE open on the days you plan to visit.

I noticed that especially for Berlin (moreso than other cities I’ve visited), there tend to be pop-up markets open only on weekends rather than for the entire season.

Some Berlin Christmas Markets are only open for one day, and only for a few hours!

Lastly, bear in mind that many specialty Christmas markets in Berlin are only open for one day the entire season. Don’t get your hopes up like me for a really cool-sounding market, only to discover that they aren’t open throughout the season.

FYI, there IS a dog-themed Christmas market that sells treats, toys, etc. and features many floofs in knitted sweaters. Sadly, because I didn’t check the dates properly, I will be missing that one this year, which fills me with an incomprehensible sense of woe…

So yes, don’t make my mistake! Refer to the table below before you get too excited.

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Berlin Christmas Market Dates 2019 – A Full List w/ a Table

Okay – finally! Remember when I mentioned that nerdy table? Here it is! This table below summarizes the opening dates of Berlin Christmas markets for 2019, created mostly with help from the official Visit Berlin website. This info is sourced directly from them, but mistakes and typos do happen so I would recommend a quick Google to double check opening times/dates before you head out.

NOTE: This table is interactive so you can feel free to sort it by neighbourhood, price, etc.

Berlin Christmas Market NameOpening Date(s)CostAddressNeighbourhoodLearn More
Winter Film Festival and Winter Magic in the NikolaiviertelNov 15 - Jan 1, 2019FreeNikolaikirchplatzNikolaiviertelMore info here
Christmas Garden BerlinNov 15, 2019 to Jan 5, 2020Adult tickets: 15-19 eurosKönigin-Luise-Straße 68LichterfeldeMore info here
Historischer Weihnachtsmarkt on the grounds of the RAW cultural centreNov 21 to Dec 22, 2019Free on weekdays, 2 euros Thursday - SundayRevaler Straße 99FriedrichshainMore info here
Weihnachtsrummel on Landsberger AlleeNov 22 - Dec 29, 2019FreeLandsberger Allee 364LichtenbergMore info here
Heissa HolzmarktNov 22 to Dec 22, 2019 [Weekends only]FreeHolzmarktstraße 25FriedrichshainMore info here
Irish Christmas MarketNov 24, 2019FreeBergstraße 8SteglitzMore info here
Ökowerk Christmas Market
Nov 24, 2019FreeTeufelsseechaussee 22-24GrunewaldMore info here
Traditional Christmas Bazaar in the Finland CenterNov 23 and Nov 24, 2019FreeFinnlandzentrum Berlin – Suomi Keskus e.V
Schleiermacherstr. 24A
KreuzbergMore info here
Weihnachtsmarkt zwischen Hauptbahnhof und Kanzleramt (Christmas Market between Central Station and Chancellery)Nov 25 - Dec 28, 2019FreeWaschingtonplatzMoabitMore info here
WeihnachtsZauber at GendarmenmarktNov 25 - Dec 31, 20191 euroGendarmenmarkt MitteMore info here
Spandauer Weihnachtstraum in front of the Spandau town hallNov 25 - Dec 27, 2019FreeRathaus Spandau - Carl-Schurz-Straße 2/6SpandauMore info here
Christmas market on Wilmersdorfer StraßeNov 25 - Dec 28, 2019FreeWilmersdorfer StraßeWilmersdorfMore info here
Lucia Christmas market at the KulturbrauereiNov 25 - Dec 22, 2019FreeSchönhauser Allee 36KollwitzMore info here
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Christmas MarketNov 25, 2019 to Jan 5, 2020FreeBreitscheidplatzTiergartenMore info here
Charlottenburg Palace Christmas MarketNov 25 - Dec 26, 2019FreeSchloss Charlottenburg
Spandauer Damm 24
CharlottenburgMore info here
Zehlendorf Christmas marketNov 25 - Dec 30, 20192.50 euros for the ice rinkDorfanger ZehlendorfZehlendorfMore info here
Spandau Christmas MarketNov 25 - Dec 22, 2019FreeKammerstraße 6SpandauMore info here
Winter World and Christmas market at Potsdamer PlatzNov 25 - Dec 26, 2019FreePotsdamer PlatzMitteMore info here
Alexanderplatz Christmas MarketNov 25 - Dec 26, 2019FreeAlexanderplatzMitteMore info here
Berliner Weihnachtszeit at the Rotes RathausNov 25 - Dec 29, 2019FreeNeptunbrunnen am Alexanderplatz
Spandauer Straße
MitteMore info here
Friedrichstraße Station Christmas MarketNov 27 - Dec 29, 2019FreeDorothea-Schlegel-PlatzMitte -> KreuzbergMore info here
Klunkerkranich Christmas MarketNov 29 - Dec 1, 2019
Dec 6 - Dec 8, 2019
Dec 13 - Dec 15, 2019
Dec 20 - Dec 22, 2019
1 euro - 5 euros (depending on entry time)Karl-Marx-Straße 66NeuköllnMore info here
Winterzauber on Deck5Nov 29 - Dec 30, 2019FreeSchönhauser Allee 79Prenzlauer BergMore info here
Merry MarkthalleNov 29 - Dec 1, 2019
Dec 6 - Dec 8, 2019
Dec 13 - Dec 15, 2019
Dec 20 - Dec 22, 2019
FreeMarkthalle Neun - Eisenbahnstraße 42-43KreuzbergMore info here
Lichtenrade Christmas marketNov 30. 2019FreeAlt-Lichtenrade 109LichtenradeMore info here
Advent Bazaar at the Kaspar Hauser Foundation PankowNov 30, 2019FreePreußenallee 17-19NiederschönhausenMore info here
Fabelhafte Weihnachtswelt at Sony CenterNov 30, 2019 to Jan 12, 2020FreePotsdamer Straße 5MitteMore info here
Domäne Dahlem Christmas MarketNov 30 and Dec 1, 2019
Dec 7 and Dec 8, 2019
Dec 14 and Dec 15, 2019
Dec 21 and Dec 22, 2019
3 euros for adults
Free admission for children up to 14 years
Königin-Luise Straße 49Steglitz-Zehlendorf More info here
Adventiamo Children’s Christmas Market at FEZ-BerlinNov 30 and Dec 1, 2019
Dec 7 and Dec 8, 2019
Dec 14 and Dec 15, 2019
Dec 21 and Dec 22, 2019
2 eurosFEZ - Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum Wuhlheide
An der Wuhlheide 197
WuhlheideMore info here
Danish Christmas MarketNov 30 and Dec 1, 2019FreeBrienner Straße 12WilmersdorfMore info here
Alt-Buckow Christmas MarketNov 30 and Dec 1, 2019FreeAlt-Buckow 36BuckowMore info here
Späth’schen BaumschulenNov 30 and Dec 1, 2019
Dec 7 and Dec 8, 2019
Dec 14 and Dec 15, 2019
5 eurosSpäthstraße 80/81Treptow-KöpenickMore info here
Swedish Christmas bazaarNov 30 and Dec 1, 20191 euroLandhausstraße 26-28Bavarian QuarterMore info here
Environmental & Christmas MarketNov 30 and Dec 1, 2019
Dec 7 and Dec 8, 2019
Dec 14 and Dec 15, 2019
Dec 21 and Dec 22, 2019
FreeSophienstraßeMitteMore info here
Weihnachtsrodeo DesignweihnachtsmarktNov 30 and Dec 1, 2019
Dec 7 and Dec 8, 2019
Dec 14 and Dec 15, 2019
TBATempelhofer Ufer 22KreuzbergMore info here
Advent Lichter Genuss at Natur-Park Schöneberger SüdgeländeNov 30 and Dec 1, 20191 euroS-Bahnhof PriesterwegSchöneberg More info here
Sirius Berlin Dog Christmas MarketNov 30 and Dec 1, 20192.50 eurosForsthaus Paulsborn
Hüttenweg 90
GrunewaldMore info here
Lichtenrader LichtermarktDec 1, 2019FreeAlt-Lichtenrade 109LichtenradeMore info here
Advent Eco Market at KollwitzplatzDec 1, 2019
Dec 8, 2019
Dec 15, 2019
Dec 22, 2019
FreeKollwitzplatzPrenzlauer BergMore info here
Adventsbasar der Kirchengemeinde LübarsDec 1, 2019 FreeDorfkirche LübarsReinickendorfMore info here
Artisan Christmas market at MexikoplatzDec 1, 2019
Dec 8, 2019
Dec 15, 2019
Dec 22, 2019
FreeMexikoplatzZehlendorfMore info here
Christmas market at the Evangelischer JohannesstiftDec 1, 2019FreeSchönwalder Allee 26SpandauMore info here
Alt-Marzahn Advent marketDec 1, 2019FreeHinter der Mühle 4Marzahn-HellersdorfMore info here
Christmas Market around the Grunewald ChurchDec 1, 2019FreeBismarckallee 28BGrunewaldMore info here
St.-Michaels-Heim Christmas MarketDec 1, 2019FreeBismarckallee 23
GrunewaldMore info here
Kranoldplatz Christmas MarketDec 1, 2019FreeKranoldplatzLichterfeldeMore info here
Vegan Christmas Market at WinterfeldtplatzDec 1, 2019
Dec 8, 2019
Dec 15, 2019
Dec 22, 2019
FreeWinterfeldtplatzSchönebergMore info here
Alt-Rixdorf Christmas MarketDec 6-8, 2019FreeRichardplatz 1RichardkiezMore info here
Christmas market by the Dorfkirche MarienfeldeDec 6 - Dec 8, 2019
Dec 13 - Dec 15, 2019
FreeAlt-MarienfeldeMarienfeldeMore info here
A very British Christmas - Weihnachtsmarkt an der St. George's ChurchDec 7, 2019FreeRolandstraße 18-19
WestendMore info here
Hohenschönhausen Castle Advent MarketDec 7, 2019FreeHauptstraße 44LichtenbergMore info here
Schlachtensee Advent MarketDec 7, 2019FreeMatterhornstraße 52Steglitz-Zehlendorf More info here
Nikolausmarkt at the Kinderbauernhof Pinke-PankeDec 7, 2019FreeKinderbauernhof Pinke-Panke
Am Bürgerpark 15-18
PankowMore info here
Alt-Kaulsdorf Christmas marketDec 7, 2019FreeAlt-Kaulsdorf 1Marzahn-HellersdorfMore info here
Bröhan Museum Christmas MarketDec 7 and Dec 8, 2019FreeSchloßstraße 1aCharlottenburgMore info here
Holy Shit ShoppingDec 7 and Dec 8, 20195 eurosArena Berlin - Eichenstr. 4Kreuzberg/TreptowMore info here
Kunsthandwerklicher Weihnachtsmarkt FrohnauDec 7 and Dec 8, 2019FreeZeltinger Platz 10
FrohnauMore info here
Märchenhafter Weihnachtsmarkt at the Jagdschloss GrunewaldDec 7 and Dec 8, 20193 euros for adults
Free admission for kids up to age 6
Hüttenweg 100GrunewaldMore info here
Rudower WeihnachtsmeileDec 7 and Dec 8, 2019FreeKrokusstraßeNeuköllnMore info here
Norwegian Christmas MarketDec 7 and Dec 8, 2019FreeWartenburgstraße 7KreuzbergMore info here
Kladower ChristkindlmarktDec 7 and Dec 8, 2019FreeImchenplatzKladowMore info here
KiezWeihnachtDec 7 and Dec 8, 2019
Dec 14 and Dec 15, 2019
FreeSamariterstraßeFriedrichshainMore info here
Altglienicke Advent marketDec 8, 2019FreeKöpenicker StraßeAltglienickeMore info here
Nordische Märchenweihnacht at Schloss BritzDec 13 - Dec 15, 2019
Dec 20 - Dec 22, 2019
3 euros for adults
2 euros concession
Free admission for children under 6
Schloss Britz - Alt-Britz 73BritzMore info here
Kreuzboerg WeihnachtsmarktDec 14 and 15, 20193 eurosPrinzenstrasse 35–38KreuzbergMore info here
Winterleben in the Düppel Historic VillageDec 14 and Dec 15, 20194 euros
2.50 reduced
Free for kids under 18
Domäne Dahlem - Landgut und Museum - Königin-Luise Straße 49ZehlendorfMore info here
Alternativer Weihnachtsmarkt FriedrichshagenDec 21 and 22, 2019FreeS-Bahnhof Friedrichshagen
Schöneicherstr. 2
FriedrichshagenMore info here
Köpenick Christmas IslandDec 13 - Dec 15, 2019FreeSchloss Köpenick - Alt-Köpenick 1KöpenickMore info here
Weihnachtshaus in the Villa DonnersmarckDec 15, 2019FreeVilla Donnersmarck
Schädestraße 9-13
ZehlendorfMore info here
Weihnachten in WestendDec 21 and Dec 22, 2019FreePreußenalleeWestendMore info here
Nikolausmarkt at the Charlottenburg Town HallTBAFreeRathaus Charlottenburg - Otto-Suhr-Allee 100CharlottenburgMore info here
Japanese Christmas MarketTBA5 euros for adults
2 kids under 12 free when accompanied by adult
Malzfabrik - Bessemerstraße 2-14Tempelhof-SchönebergMore info here
Nostalgic Christmas Market at the OpernpalaisCANCELLED in 2019 (Due to Construction)FreeOpernpalais - Unter den Linden 5MitteMore info here

Which Berlin Christmas markets open first?

The first Christmassy market to open in Berlin this year will be the Winter Film Festival and Winter Magic in the Nikolaiviertel, which opens on Nov 15, 2019. The emphasis here appears to be more on their outdoor film showing (cozy armchairs included!) rather than on their market offerings, but there ARE cozy Xmas market stalls, so I’ll count it.

If you are looking for a pure full-on Christmas market experience though, the first one of those to open in Berlin will be the Historischer Weihnachtsmarkt, which opens on November 21, 2019. This is a medieval-themed market that takes place at the RAW Cultural Centre.

Not soon after, on the next day, the Heissa Holzmarkt begins on November 22, 2019. This is a weekend-only market organized along the Spree River known for its varied programming, and even childcare available on Sundays. The Weihnachtsrummel on Landsberger Allee (supposedly Berlin’s largest Christmas market) will also be opening on this day.

NOTE: There are also Christmas-themed events that beginning quite early in Berlin as well, and while they’re not actual Christmas markets, they’re still a great way to get into a festive mood if you happen to be in Berlin before the markets open. These events include the Christmas Garden Berlin, which is the Christmas light festival organized by the Berlin Botanical Garden.

Which Berlin Christmas markets are open after Christmas?

If you’re looking for a Berlin Christmas market to visit after Christmas is over, there are actually quite a few options available to you.

For one extra day, you can visit the Charlottenburg Palace Christmas Market, Winter World and Christmas market at Potsdamer Platz or the Alexanderplatz Christmas Market, which are open until Dec 26, 2019.

Or, there’s the Spandauer Weihnachtstraum in front of the Spandau town hall is open until Dec 27, 2019.

Alternatively, the Weihnachtsmarkt zwischen Hauptbahnhof und Kanzleramt (Christmas Market between Central Station and Chancellery) is open until Dec 28, 2019.

The Christmas market on Wilmersdorfer Straße is open until Dec 28, 2019.

The Berliner Weihnachtszeit at the Rotes Rathaus and the Friedrichstraße Station Christmas Market are both open until Dec 29, 2019.

The Winterzauber on Deck5 and the Zehlendorf Christmas market are both open until Dec 30, 2019.

The WeihnachtsZauber at Gendarmenmarkt is open until Dec 31, 2019.

The Winter Film Festival and Winter Magic in the Nikolaiviertel is open until Jan 1, 2020.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Christmas Market is open until Jan 5, 2020.

And for the real late birds, the Fabelhafte Weihnachtswelt at Sony Center is open until Jan 12, 2020… and while this won’t really be a traditional Christmas market experience, it’s still very festive!

Are there any Berlin Christmas Markets open in January?

And lastly, for those looking to cash in on Xmas cheer even in January, there are a handful of options available (as mentioned above) like the Winter Film Festival and Winter Magic in the Nikolaiviertel which is open until Jan 1, 2020.

There is also the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Christmas Market which is open until Jan 5, 2020.

And finally, the Fabelhafte Weihnachtswelt at Sony Center which is open until Jan 12, 2020.

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