Killer 2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Every Blogger Should Take Advantage Of

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While many shoppers are outside queuing in the cold for cheap TVs, I’m cozy at home in my onesie, eagerly awaiting Black Friday deals to begin on all my favourite online goods.

Fact: Black Friday/Cyber Monday is THE best time for bloggers because pretty much all the resources we need go on sale at an epic discount! I’m talking web hosting, themes, courses, camera equipment, and all sorts of things you need to grow your blog. Since I’m a massive nerd, I’ve compiled a list of the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for bloggers. I hope you find something useful!

1. 70% off Web Hosting at Siteground

For those of you who have resisted self-hosting, this weekend is THE time to get on board because a bunch of different hosting sites are having crazy deals.

Siteground is my top recommendation. I have had zero complaints since switching to them a year ago – the customer service is 24h and absolutely amazing, plus my site is much faster than it used to be. Not only are they doing 70% off their annual plans for Black Friday, but they also offer free site transfer and domain name too so if you’ve been meaning to switch hosts or go self-hosted, do it now! You can read my honest review of Siteground here for travel bloggers 🙂

Check out the packages and deals at Siteground

2. $10 eCourses at Udemy (90% off!)

I’ve always been petrified of eCourses because of their high price tag, but I now know just how valuable it is to invest in yourself and treat your blog more like a business. For those who are still unsure though about the value of courses though, get your feet wet with Udemy. They have an insane collection of eCourses on sale this Black Friday for $10 USD. Seriously, only 10 bucks. Whether you’re wanting to learn about SEO, graphic design, photography or whatever else (they even have lifestyle courses!), now is the time to grab a course for a fraction of the cost. Here’s a roundup of helpful, highly-rated courses teaching skills relevant to blogging 🙂

Browse the $10 courses

3. 50% off Themes, Plugins & Blogger Tools at Envato Market

No doubt, now’s the time to stock up on things for your blogger tool kit because everything is so cheap! If you’ve been wanting a Premium theme, but are put off by the cost or need some fresh new tunes for your vlogs (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg), Envato Market (which includes Themeforest and more) is doing an epic Cyber Monday sale where you can get TONS of themes, plugins, music, graphic design assets and more for 50% off. Seriously. I’ve grabbed a new theme for Slaying Social for only $29. SO GOOD!

Check out the crazy 50% off deals

4. 40% off Keysearch (Keyword Research Software)

Guys, seriously, jump on this deal. There are no words for how much Keysearch has helped my blog! I now get over 600 hits a day from SEO alone and it’s all thanks to this keyword research software. It’s not hard to use, but if you buy from my link let me know and I can give you a mini-lesson to help you get settled 😉 It’s honestly amazing and (pssst: bonus tip – consider splitting the subscription with a fellow blogger to cut costs even further). You’re limited in the number of searches you can do in a day, but that limit is so huge you would never reach it on your own anyway. Find a buddy and save! Maybe even in this comments section? 😉

Check out Keysearch and save 40% with the code BLACKFRIDAY

5. Free Trial of ConvertKit

If you’ve been shuffling your feet with building an email list, I have to say, get ON it!! In a world of ever changing social media algorithms, an email list is like, the one way you can consistently rely on reaching your audience. I switched to ConvertKit a few months ago and my subscriptions have skyrocketed. I used to use MailChimp’s free plan, but found found it quite limiting. Now with ConvertKit, I can make all kinds of cool forms/opt-ins, create automated sequences for new subscribers, tag them according to interests, what they click, etc. It’s amazing.

That said, it comes with a price. That’s why I urge you to jump on their Cyber Monday promo of a free 30 day trial. They rarely do free trials and this is a great way to test it out and see if it’s a good fit (without committing to the price). You even have a chance to win a year of Convertkit for FREE! The cheapo in me thinks you should just sign up for a chance at the freebie haha. Who knows, right?

Grab your free trial of ConvertKit

6. 40% off MY social media strategy course

Woah! I never thought I’d be able to include a deal for my own product in a roundup like this. So wild! Anyways, as some of you might know, I run the social media marketing site, Slaying Social with my good friend Lia 🙂 We’ve recently put together a social media strategy course called Slaying Social Strategy that was designed to kick your butt and help you create a functional and manageable strategy for your blog’s social media channels. If you’ve done our recent Blogtoberfest course, it’s like a revamped and more decked out version of that 😉 For Black Friday, we’re offering 40% off this course with the code BLACKFRIDAY40. 

Check out the course and save 40% with the code BLACKFRIDAY40

7. HUGE Photography Gear Savings on Amazon

If it’s one thing newbie bloggers skimp out on, it’s photography equipment, and I completely understand. Camera gear is expensive, but sadly, having a good camera that can take high-quality shots is crucial to taking your blog to the next level. Luckily, Black Friday is the best time to pick up cheap photography gear. Note: I’m not sure when these will sell out, so apologies in advance but here are some crazy deals I spotted on Amazon today for photo stuff:

50% off camera lens set for iPhone – NOTE: These are clip-on lenses that give you more control over your iPhone pics. Really good alternative if you can’t splurge on a DSLR.

50% off Gimbal Stabilizer – These badass stabilizers for your phone are all the rage these days, and REALLY make your footage a lot more stable. A must if you’re planning on getting more into video.

$500 off this Nikon D3400 (with two lenses) – This is a new model of the camera I use (which I love). I am SO ANGRY about this sale because it’s much cheaper than when I bought it! I also have the same lens that’s included in the bundle. You should definitely grab this deal before it’s gone.

Browse more camera deals on Amazon

So there you have it. I hope you’ve been able to find some killer deals to help grow your blog!! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you’ve gotten yourself a particularly good deal this weekend. As lame as this sounds, I genuinely love hearing about good deals.

Happy shopping!

Note: There are affiliate links in this post for which I earn a small commission, but they come at no extra cost to you! I’ve tried my best to curate deals that would be relevant to bloggers so hopefully you find something of use. Thanks again for your support.

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