My Favourite Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers

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Hello wooonderful bloggers! As I mentioned this past week in my Ultimate Social Media Guide, one of the best ways to get your social media presence off the ground is by joining different Facebook share groups, where you can network with other bloggers and help one another through reciprocal content sharing.

But where oh where are these magical groups?! How will you ever find them in the murky gutters of the online world?

*puts on cape* I’m here to help!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve relentlessly joined a bunch of blogger groups, all in the name of research for you all. It’s been pretty terrifying to be honest, just to see the massive number of groups out there, along with the freakishly terrible quality of some. In one group, there was a really small Pinterest thread where you were required to repin 5, and there were only 3 comments, 2 of which were Pinterest pins of this one woman’s pixellated face. Suffice to say, I won’t be listing that group in this roundup!

Before we dive head first into this list (lol who am I kidding, you guys have probably clicked ‘Join’ to each one already), here’s a few things I should establish.

Basic considerations to keep in mind

  1. Every group has unique rules and ways to get in. Some will require additional steps like filling out a form or messaging the admin. I trust you all to be responsible adults who follow the appropriate steps!
  2. I’m not admin or moderator for any of these groups. If you for some reason don’t get accepted, please don’t ask me why. I’ll probably answer ‘lol idk’ and go back to eating my nachos.
  3. I’m listing these groups because I perceive them to be helpful and of high quality. PLEASE be respectful when joining these groups, play nice and don’t embarrass me. In other words, don’t ruin these little pockets of travel blog utopia. They’re limited as they are.
  4. Only share content that is of high quality. Don’t force other bloggers to repin your ugly images for instance. Nail your content before moving forward. Refer back to the social media guide if you need to.
  5. Spammers are not welcome.
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Alright let’s dig into the groups then, shall we?! Some are repeats from my Ultimate Resource List, but there’s plenty of new ones so read on! PS: Feel free to mention any missing ones in the comments! I tried my best to find as many as I could, but of course many groups are more hidden than others.

Groups for Female Travel Bloggers Only

Female Travel Bloggers 

Sorry fellas, this group is my personal favourite, but it’s one specifically for the ladies. A place for female travel bloggers to get together, swap ideas, ask questions and help each other out on social media. By far the most supportive group of this type I’ve encountered!

Girls vs Globe 

Another one meant just for the ladies. What’s great about this group is that it’s not meant specifically for bloggers, but rather for female travel enthusiasts. This way, you get to just involve yourself in discussions about travel, and be a helpful resource for non-bloggers (which is amazing, because it helps you develop relationships with readers outside of the blogging community, which is crucial). NOTE: Self-promotion here is not cool. Don’t be a lame-o and treat this like a link dump for all your blog posts. If your post is relevant to a question that is posted, then go for it, but don’t be that awkward person who hijacks the group with “Hope you like this new post about my cat’s first trip to the park!”

Groups for Travel Blog Social Media Sharing

Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest

An absolutely unreal resource for boosting your reach on Pinterest. This group houses daily share threads in which bloggers post a pin that they’d like to have repinned by everyone else who comments. This means a guaranteed 30-50 repins a day. Most pins are of decent quality.

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Ultimate Pinterest Group for Travel Bloggers

Another great Pinterest sharing group, with usually 30-40 participants each thread. Again, most pins are pretty decent, so repinning isn’t so bad.

Pinterest for Travel Bloggers

Daily threads but makes the very clever distinction between Light and Heavy threads. In Light threads, comments are capped off at 15, which means you don’t need to commit to repinning as many pieces of content. That said though, you’re also getting less repins yourself, so choose whatever is best for you!

Travel Bloggers Support 

Good range of sharing threads for each platform, and also makes special threads for non-travel related content. Includes blog comments, clickthrough and traffic threads as well.

Travel Bloggers Megashare 

Features daily sharing threads, with a different platform on feature each day, plus some Evergreen threads for StumbleUpon and Flipboard that you can use as often as you like. In this one, you tend to only engage with the 10 accounts above you, which means it’s quite a manageable number of pieces to re-share.

Flipboard for Travel Bloggers

A relatively new group that does daily sharing/comment threads, alongside a weekly comments/feedback thread and weekly follow thread. REALLY good for those starting out with Flipboard and have no clue where to begin (like me haha).

StumbleUpon for Travel Bloggers

Amazing & organized group for getting content shared on StumbleUpon. You’re asked to engage with the 10 comments above you, and if you install the StumbleUpon toolbar, you can get this done really quickly. Awesome for potentially going viral on StumbleUpon.

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Travel Blogger Link Swap

Not social media exactly, but still very handy! This is a small(ish) group where bloggers can exchange links on each other’s blogs to build up their backlinks and SEO juice. It’s clean, organized and filled with cool/helpful people.

Groups for Social Media Sharing [In General]

These groups don’t focus specifically on travel bloggers, which is good if you have some lifestyle content or blogging advice content that you want to get traction for as well… that said, these ones might muddle your brand because you’ll be repinning recipes, decor (and a whooole lot of mommy advice). Use at your own discretion:

Bloggers Social Media Support

Crazy organized and no BS (e.g. a lot of rules and zero tolerance for crap). It’s total reciprocation, so a lot of commitment, but there’s daily threads for different platforms, which is handy.

Pinterest Pals

Daily sharing threads, but allows you to choose which ones you want to repin (good because it’s not a total reciprocation system, which means less repinning of irrelevant content).

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

MASSIVE group with lots of engagement (I’m talking hundreds of comments per thread) but the trouble is it’s not total reciprocation (for obvious reasons) which means it’s possible you won’t get a lot of reshares. It also has a diverse range of bloggers from different niches.

Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any of your favourites!

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