COMICS Guesthouse Review – Geeky Accommodations in Rome

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Finding decent accommodations in Rome is a notoriously difficult task, especially so for those on a budget. Hotel and hostel horror stories are abundant in the Eternal City, but last June, I was lucky enough to book a short stay at a wonderful gem called COMICS Guesthouse/Hostel.

COMICS Guesthouse, located close to Vatican City, is an awesome little guesthouse & hostel that would delight the heart of any geek. With 6 themed rooms, a shared living/kitchen space and amenities such as free WiFi, a DVD library and climate control, this small space offers all your basic necessities in a clean and quirky package. The following post will review some of the specifics of the property, as well as show you photos of its amazing decor!

Comics Guesthouse, Rome by Christina Guan

Living room area

1) Location

COMICS Guesthouse is conveniently located close to the Lepanto Metro Station, which links you to most major attractions in the city. It is also in close proximity to various restaurants and supermarkets, and even within walking distance to the Vatican.

For me, when choosing accommodations, safety is always a top priority, and I personally felt that this neighborhood was very safe, free from the pickpocketers and peddlers crowding busier spots in Rome.

When first arriving at the guesthouse, do note that signage is not the best, so you might accidentally walk past it. My travel partner and I arrived during a thunderstorm, and the rain/low visibility made finding the place very difficult! Remember that walking from the Metro only takes about 2 min, so if you wander longer than that, you might have gone too far.

Comics Guesthouse, Rome by Christina Guan

Iron Man!

2) Decor

DIY Superhero Christmas Tree

Because I am a shameless nerd, I personally think that COMICS Guesthouse knocks decor out of the park! The entire space is an homage to classic superheroes and cartoons, with a noted emphasis on the Simpsons (one of my favourite shows growing up). I loved noticing the small details throughout the space. Without a doubt, this place has some serious character.

Comics Guesthouse, Rome by Christina Guan

Comic book doors

The doors and walls are adorned with comic book art, and the main living space features life-sized superheroes like Superman, Ironman and Spiderman, who is not pictured because he’s on the ceiling. Seriously! 

What’s really cool is that all the rooms have a particular theme. I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that I would be staying in the Mario Room. The bright blue walls were decorated with 8-bit pixel art, complete with pipes, clouds and even coins.

Mario Room, Comics Guesthouse, Rome by Christina Guan

The Mario Room

3. Cleanliness

I have no complaints about cleanliness! All the shared spaces were fine, and the ensuite bathroom was very clean, despite being shared by a few individuals.

Reception at Comics Guesthouse Rome by Christina Guan

Simpsons decor at the reception

4. Service

During our short stay, we only saw one staff person working at a time, but service was always friendly, and they were willing to help out whenever needed. However, do note that reception is not 24/7 and staff actually go home around 9pm.

5. Amenities

They had a large selection of DVDs, which was great for our first night, because it was stormy, cold and wet! Rather than go out, we opted to sip on some Italian wine indoors while indulging in a private screening of Angels and Demons (filmed in Rome of course).

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WiFi worked great throughout the space and the climate control in our rooms was a total dream come true! Rome in June can be ridiculously hot, so living somewhere with this amenity is a must, or else you’ll be sweating buckets into your sheets.

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay and had a lovely experience (probably due to the awesomeness of the comic book theme). If you’re a backpacker looking for a nice, clean place to stay in Rome at a decent price, I would suggest looking into COMICS Guesthouse. By no means is this a luxurious establishment, but it’s quiet, and offers everything it should. For an expensive and tourist-ridden city like Rome, sometimes that’s all you can ask!

Rainbow in Rome by Christina Guan

Lovely rainbow spotted near the guesthouse.

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