6 Weeks in Europe – Backpacking Video

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In the past year, I’ve really grown fond of making videos. It’s one of those things that I can do for hours on end without getting bored… And on the plus side, it makes me feel more accomplished than binging on Netflix.

It took me well over a month to stitch together the hundreds of clips I took during my Europe trip. Finishing it was really bittersweet because although I was happy with the final result, it was a sad, sad reminder that the trip was over. Like they say though, all good things must come to an end, and having this video to look back on brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

3:19 onwards in particular still gets me every time I watch it. It makes me feel nostalgic yet also makes me want to see more, do more and travel more. That part is definitely my favourite.

Working on this video was a great learning experience as well. While I was in Europe, I essentially took random clips of everything, with very little intention or direction (minus the twirling and foot shots). I feel that vision is key to a good video and all the random bits were definitely a challenge to work with during the editing process. I also realized that people are the most important part of travel videos! I was so obsessed with documenting the beautiful scenery (and of course, food) around me that I forgot to take more videos of the amazing people that made the trip what it was. For next time, I will definitely focus more on footage of people. After all, they are what will make your video unique from the thousands of others out there. There’s countless videos of the Eiffel Tower floating around, but videos of your ridiculously good looking travel buddies? Definitely not as many.

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With all that being said, I really believe in the value of going beyond just photographs and taking videos during your travels too. They really do capture moments and memories in a completely different way. After your trip is said and done, those silly bits of dialogue captured on camera are conversations that you’ll want played over and over.

With that bit of cheesiness out of the way, I hope you watch the video & enjoy the recap of my travels! If you have any questions or feedback about the places featured, feel free to ask! Until next time 🙂

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