Welcome to Happy to Wander – the scaredy cat’s guide to adventurous escapes and independent travel.

My name is Christina, and as you can probably tell, I’m obsessed with travelling.

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, I used to be one of the most sheltered kids on the planet. My parents drove me everywhere I went, I had zero street smarts and by age 19, I could barely even crack an egg or read a map on my own. Travelling changed me for the better and I’m living proof that you can conquer the world, even when you’re a clumsy human potato.

The philosophy behind this blog is simple: at Happy to Wander, you can expect travel advice like you’d get from a friend – honest, funny and filled with anecdotes/misadventure. Forget robotic tips and soulless guides, I promise each post here will be packed with personality and most importantly, no-fluff advice to make your travel dreams come true.

When I’m not travelling, I’m usually found in a blanket burrito consuming Häagen-Dazs by the fistful. The truth is, I don’t see myself as one of those superhuman bloggers who are adventuring 24/7, looking runway-perfect while eating fruit under waterfalls. That’s just not me. Instead, my hope is to give you fun, relatable travel advice with a dash of awkward humour.

The way I travel is simple: I believe in having fun, eating great food and exploring crazy beautiful sights all around the world. I don’t believe in rotting at museums just because a guidebook said so, or breaking my back to find the hippest, most on-trend places to eat… I travel so I can feed my soul with adventure, even if it’s tiny things like people watching in an Italian piazza, or eating 10 gelatos in a day. If this sounds like you, I have a feeling we’ll get along just fine 😉

So what can you expect?

This is where you’ll go to fuel your wanderlusty dreams. From photo diaries and listicles to destination spotlights, I promise you’ll be feeling more in love with the world than ever.
This is where I’ll provide no BS tips, guides, itineraries and packing lists to help you plan the trip of your dreams.
This is where I’ll give the full, no-fluff scoop on what it takes to run a travel blog that you love and are proud of! Blogging completely changed my life, and I’m confident it could do the same for you.

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